Monday, May 9, 2016

Dr Cyst Buster takes on a gluteal abscess

What We Get Is What You See!

Patient "Whammy" had a large gluteal abscess.

This particular abscess presented no evidence of MRSA, and the patient is responding well to medication and treatment

To Gonzo and Gumby - thank you for being on hand to assist :)

© 2016 John Gilmore, MD

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Double Toenail Fungus Busting! Doc Gilmore style

Another really interesting Procedure from Doc John Gilmore.

Patient Maverick came into Doc Gilmore's surgery with multi-colored toes, prompting Doc Gilmore to get right down to business.

The business? Debulking of the nails, and getting Maverick onto untifungal meds.

Donna made her video debut with her tubegauze magic...

And thanks to Maverick for agreeing to have the procedure recorded, and as always, to Gonzo and Gumby for their hard work :)

The video is © 2016 John Gilmore, MD

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